NFL Gamecock Roundup: Jeffery, Clowney healthy for Sunday

-Free agent punter Spencer Lanning recently confessed to three of his most-listened-to tracks, and regrettably, it starts off with country. Lanning cites Eric Church as his favorite artist, and hilariously, the authors of the article then begin to refer to Lanning as Church, in what I imagine was a result of a brainfart on the authors' part, and bad editing by the editor.

Back to Lanning, he's the first player in this series of articles who didn't have any hip-hop or rap in his playlist, instead going with Led Zeppelin and Prince. Good for Eric Church -- I mean, Spencer Lanning. Man, that name is contagious! Also, it goes without saying, but Spencer Lanning is not a member of the Denver Broncos anymore. Get it together,

-When Alshon Jeffery asked why the Chicago Bears offense looked so much better this past Sunday against Detroit, the stud wide receiver was candid, and cited him being healthy (including a couple other players) as a major factor. “I think the biggest thing is all of us staying healthy, being together in a game,” he told reporters Thursday at Halas Hall. “That was the biggest difference.”

- Jadeveon Clowney sat out of practice on Wednesday due to an illness, but returned yesterday in fine form, and looks to start on Sunday.