Honesty Hour: Judging takeaways after Texas A&M game

Here are some hot takes from the Gamecocks’ 35-28 loss to Texas A&M in this week’s Honesty Hour.

This can be counted as a moral victory.

True. While the Gamecocks didn’t win, but they showed fans something they hadn’t shown yet this season really: signs of life. They looked amped up and like they were having fun playing, and it showed in the result. Mixed in with some solid playcalling from head coach Shawn Elliott and quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus, Perry Orth and the offense put up 28 points, the second-most most they’ve scored all season.  There are some positive takeaways from the game like points scored and the way the offense was able to move the ball up the field with relative ease.

The defense started to solidify what they needed to do for the rest of the season.

Also true. If what Skai Moore said is true about him helping coaches game plan for the second half against the Aggies then that’s somewhat of a good thing for a struggling Gamecock defense. It’s bad because the coaches are getting paid millions to come up with game plans and a college linebacker who gets a small stipend did their jobs. But, it’s a good sign for the defense because it means they may start getting ready for opponents, like Florida and Clemson, better if Moore has more say in how the team prepares and game plans.

David Williams is starting to look like an SEC back.

True as well. In a game where Brandon Wilds excelled in the backfield, Williams had a quietly good game. Although he only rushed for 33 yards, he busted a nice 13-yard run and was very good coming off the sideline when Wilds needed a break. He looked very calm and if he gets more carried, he could settle in as a very good and threatening backup.

Lorenzo Nunez will get more playing time after a solid carry against A&M

False. Nunez is great coming in on trick plays like the one he scored on against the Aggies and in situations where he can be a wide receiver who can throw, but he’s not ready to take the starting role from Perry Orth. Orth has looked good since regaining the role after the Missouri game, and his ability to run the ball has made him almost a dangerous weapon on offense. If he keeps playing like that, it’ll be hard for Nunez to see time at quarterback. He’ll still get in on some reverses and trick plays, but not in as the signal caller.

Shawn Elliott is making a compelling case to be the new head coach.

Yes, yes he is. He has this team playing in a way they hadn’t been playing for what seems like two years. His team is fired up, energetic and most importantly looks like they’re having fun. Elliott is getting the most out of the players and is turning the offense into something that can put up yardage and points now. He still has a tough obstacle course involving Tennessee, SEC-East leader Florida and No. 3 Clemson, but if he can pull out wins against two of those three teams, it could mean shedding the interim tag for good.