An ode to Shawn Elliott's intensity

While we do not know what the future holds, we don’t know who the quarterback next season will be and we don’t know whom the new coach will be. But we do know the past six games have been full of more than just football.

It was full of helmets with feathers on them; helmets from a simpler, more garnet time; screens to offensive linemen; and a bike-riding head coach full of intensity.

We do not know if the drill sergeant turned interim head coach will be retained as head coach or if he will be on staff next season, but it was a heck of a ride while it lasted, Shawn.

You might not have won every game you interim coached in—only one to be exact—but we cannot deny how compelling the last six games were.

It was, dare I say it, fun.

Well, not the fourth quarters, but much of the rest of the quarters were pretty dang entertaining to watch.

With every double-pass, Wildcat formation and wacky uniform combination, you kept fans on the edge of their seats, good or bad.

You were having fun, and it showed on the field. This team, which had the energy of a crowd at a Nickelback concert through the first six games, responded to you and the energy increased to that of a crowd at like a Super Bowl Halftime show (they were entertained, but they knew something bigger was coming later).

And the intensity. Let us not forget about the intensity that you brought to the team every week. The intensity so strong it become sentient and created its own Twitter account.

To see a red-faced Shawn Elliott on the sideline has become so commonplace, fans now look at it like Sir Big Spur gliding around on a motorized field goal post.

It’s that intensity that gave you a fighting shot at head coach until more than likely the loss to The Citadel, where you went down fighting until the bitter end.

But teams from College Station, Knoxville, Gainesville, Charleston and Clemson all bore witness to Shawn Elliott’s intensity firsthand.

So while you may be a long shot for a head coaching position at South Carolina, fans respect how well you handled inheriting a program in disarray.

You tackled it with professionalism and took a team that couldn’t get out of park and put it into first gear.

We know how hard you worked for this program, and it was a shame to see the team finish 1-5 down the stretch.

While your future as a coach at South Carolina is unclear, it is clear to those who watched how hard you worked. And it’s clear to those linemen you’re yelling at how they missed that block they should have freaking picked up.

Stay intense, Shawn. Stay intense.