Midseason Superlatives: Handing out awards after the bye week

So the season is seven games in, which means the season is a little past halfway over and, barring an impressive run down the stretch resulting in three wins and a bowl bid, there only five weekends of Carolina football left.

It’s been an interesting, roller-coaster ride of a season so far with neutral site games, home games on the road and that whole “resigning, not retiring” Steve Spurrier had two weeks ago.

If the season was high school, the Gamecocks are finishing up their sophomore year where they performed a bit better than their freshman year before going into the hardest stretch: junior year.

Games against ranked foe No. 11 Florida and a trips to College Station and Knoxville for games against Texas A&M and Tennessee makes this stretch a brutal one for South Carolina.

But, before we get into that, we have another high school tradition to get to: superlatives.

Here are some midseason titles to hand out to standout players.

Most likely to not skip leg day: Sean Kelly

This kid can punt. It seems like every time he punts, it’s downed inside the other team’s 20-yard line. Fourteen of his 29 punts have actually been downed inside the 20, and five of his punts have gone 50 or more yards. He’s easily been one of the team’s MVPs, and can add his fake-punt, 17-yard run to the list of things he’s done to help the team win.

Most likely to star in a remake of Back to the Future: Pharoh Cooper

The Back to the Future trilogy predicated itself on having the same actors, same plot and same results as the movies before it. Sounds like Cooper doesn’t it? After a breakout sophomore season where he was effective as quarterback, running back and wide receiver, his sequel junior season has been stellar and he’s been effective as (wait for it) quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Heavy isn’t it, Doc? Similar seasons and I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind if Cooper decided to come back next year for the third installment.

Most likely to get his own reality show: Brandon Wilds

The Brandon Wilds saga has been ongoing this season. From his comments after the Kentucky game saying he should have gotten the ball more to the storylines about his rib injury, he’s been an interesting player to watch. Aside from the headlines, Wilds is backing up his talk on the field. He’s only played in four games this season and has 302 yards and an average of 5.1 yards per carry.

Most likely to never change: Skai Moore

The most cliché line after graduation about never changing usually doesn’t hold true, but for Skai Moore it’s pretty accurate. After a statement performance Week 1 against North Carolina, he hasn’t faltered. He leads the team by a mile in tackles with 69 (the next closest player has 43) and in interceptions with four. He has 10 or more tackles in four games this season. He’s been the most consistent player on defense through the first half of the season.

Best comeback: T.J. Holloman

Holloman had a solid junior season but wasn’t much of a thought at linebacker because of Moore. But he came in against Georgia, played well and has been starting since. And he has made the most of his opportunity. While only starting three games, he’s second on the team in interceptions and has been a big player on defense.