Fast & Furious Monday Morning Observations

Twenty-five thoughts and takeaways from South Carolina's 24-10 loss to Missouri:

1. Drew Lock appeared to be a 15-year old high school sophomore. 

2. Know this isn't breaking news, but it didn't really hit me until I watched the game: Gerald Dixon Jr. is the only defensive starter and South Carolina native who came to USC directly out of high school. That seems strange and a bit concerning. 

3. The two offenses went nearly five fully minutes without completing a pass beyond the line of scrimmage. Saturday was not exactly the Vincent Van Gogh of offensive performances. 

4. On South Carolina's second possession, Lorenzo Nuñez was sacked on third down and none of the offensive linemen, who just gave up the sack against a four-man front, moved to help their quarterback up. 

5. As someone who calls 2A high school football in South Carolina and sees awful calls on an almost weekly basis, the non-intentional grounding call on Drew Lock was one of the most inexplicable ones I've ever witnessed. 

6. Sean Kelly is on pace for 26 punts inside the opponents 20-yard line and nine punts of 50-plus yards. Although he didn't have his best outing on Saturday, he is having an absurd season. 

7. I know this going to annoy the guy who lost his mind when I wrote something about South Carolina's uniforms a few weeks ago, but... Missouri's uniforms looked like Canadian Football League rejects. Specifically, the Hamilton Tiger Cats. 

8. Over the last two games, South Carolina's tailbacks have run for 102 yards. The Gamecocks have no chance of having an effective offense if they can't generate rushing yards from the tailback position. 

9. Shon Carson looks absolutely heartbroken every time a kickoff goes into the end zone and he knows he's not allowed to catch it. 

10. Head official Tom Ritter constantly looked like a man who had been pulled off the street and asked to explain the rules of a sport he didn't fully understand. 

11. The fast-paced screen-o-rama that South Carolina's offense ran early in the second quarter was extremely effective and I'm still not sure why the Gamecocks stopped. 

12. South Carolina was thoroughly beaten in the trenches. The Gamecocks couldn't keep Missouri out of the backfield and got no push against Mizzou's offensive line. 

13. Lorenzo Nuñez looked like a freshman quarterback facing a defense who knew he wanted to run the football. He was certainly not expected to light the world on fire in his first two starts and he still gives South Carolina its best chance on offense, but he has to make smarter decisions as a passer. The offensive line wasn't stellar, but he got happy feet on several occasions. 

14. Zack Bailey also had a rough day. The Gamecocks had to deal with several low snaps from the freshman center and were bailed out on one by a heads up play from Shon Carson. 

15. Jerell Adams was on the receiving end of several nice reads from Nuñez on the afternoon. The Gamecocks have needed a secondary target in the passing game all season and Adams is the best bet to become that target. 

16. Missouri's defensive linemen wore wristbands with plays on them. First time I've seen that.

17. South Carolina had to win this game to have a prayer of getting bowl eligible. Don't think it's possible to realistically find four more wins on the schedule. 

18. Leonard Fournette could wind up running for 500 yards on Saturday if he really wants to.

19. South Carolina's offensive performance over UCF didn't look great to begin with, but it certainly looks even less impressive after the Knights gave up 45 points to Tulane.

20.  If Lorenzo Nuñez can play on Saturday, he should. He needs as many reps as he can get this season.

21. Pharoh Cooper responded nicely after a somewhat rough outing last weekend with a season-high 102 yards receiving.

22. Thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the flooding in South Carolina. Everyone at Gamecock Central hopes you and your families are safe.

23. South Carolina's defense wasn't horrible on Saturday, giving up only 299 yards. The Gamecocks didn't have much of a chance because of the offensive output. However, the ease with which Missouri ran the ball at times was concerning.

24. If you didn't notice it by now, the Gamecocks really miss Brandon Wilds.

25. South Carolina's current realistic win projection: four.