Fast & Furious Monday morning observations

Twenty-five thoughts and takeaways from South Carolina's 24-14 loss to Florida:

1. Liked the new helmets. Not saying they need to become permanent. Not saying anything except that I liked them. 

2. Quite a throw from Pharoh Cooper on the run to Perry Orth. 

3. South Carolina's increased pressure helped in run defense, but the Gamecocks were still unable to get to Treon Harris with any consistency. 

4. Rashad Fenton was back to return kickoffs on Saturday. I thought that would be the case the rest of the year if Fenton could stay out of the dog house, but not if he keeps fumbling. 

5. The Gamecock offensive line was beaten in nearly every conceivable way by Florida's front four.

6. Chris Lammons has had his hands on more footballs and come away with fewer interceptions than any cornerback I can ever remember.

7.  Third downs continue to be the death of South Carolina's defense. 

8. Interception from T.J. Gurley before halftime probably kept the game from getting completely out of hand. 

9. Perry Orth did not have a good day. Although, to be fair, there probably isn't a single quarterback on South Carolina's roster that would've had a good day against Florida. 

10. Maybe the Gamecocks have had uglier quarters than the third quarter on Saturday, but I can't think of any.

11. When the secondary was in the area, aside from Lammons having a ball taken away from him on the touchdown, they made some nice plays. 

12. Florida's false start to end the third quarter was strangely beautiful.

13. I don't understand why South Carolina would ever play zone coverage again. Gamecocks weren't terrible in man, but wide receivers were running wide open in zone.

14. Bryson Allen-Williams single-handedly changed the momentum in the fourth quarter. 

15. Hayden Hurst continues to look more and more comfortable in the offense. 

16. Kevin Crosby lined up in the backfield in the fourth quarter as part of South Carolina's diamond formation with David Williams and Jonathan Walton. Evidently, not be a new wrinkle, just hadn't noticed it before. 

17. One of Florida's defensive play cards involved Sonic the Hedgehog and Woody from "Toy Story."

18. I understand why Shawn Elliott was upset with Lorenzo Nunez after the failed reverse. The left side of the field was open except for one defensive end who was flowing towards the right. If Nunez pitches the ball, Pharoh Cooper might still be running.

19. Combined with his handoff in pass protection last week, Nunez is not helping his cause. 

20. Perry Orth needs to get his money's worth on future excessive celebration penalties. What a ticky-tack call. Hate it. 

21. Hayden Hurst's hair is getting into the same zip code as Patrick Fish's. 

22. South Carolina's defense could use more Kelsey Griffin. 

23. Sean Kelly should be in New York for the Heisman presentation. Dude's a freak. 

24. Most unimaginative offensive game for South Carolina since G.A. Mangus took over playcalling duties.

25. A lot of empty seats when it was 17-14. A lot of empty seats.