Who? What? When? Where? Why?: Tennessee

Who...will find a way to slow down Josh Dobbs?

Whether it's Skai Moore, Jon Hoke, or anyone else on the Gamecock sideline, someone for South Carolina will need to discover a way to contain Tennessee's dynamic quarterback. Dobbs had a huge game last year in Columbia and South Carolina can not let him run wild again today

What...will be the key to keeping the Gamecocks in the game?

The longer Tennessee's offense is off the field, the better South Carolina's chances are. Expect the Gamecocks to feed Brandon Wilds, David Williams, Shon Carson (and maybe Lorenzo Nunez) in an effort to minimize possessions for the Vols. 

When...will Elliott Fry see the field again?

If things go South Carolina's way, only on extra points. After the Gamecocks didn't attempt a single field goal last weekend against Texas A&M, it's unlikely that they will be able to match Tennessee with three points at a time instead of six, which means Fry may have a relaxing day.

Where...can South Carolina find receiving yards besides No. 11?

Ideally, on anything quick. Pharoh Cooper had a quiet game receiving against the Aggies, but the Gamecocks were able to get guys like Shamier Jeffery and D.J. Neal involved in the passing attack. South Carolina might be able to get them the ball on screens and underneath routes. 

Why...does the Tennessee band play "Rocky Top" so much?

Believe it or not, "Rocky Top" is not the official fight song for the Volunteers (that honor belongs to a little ditty called "Down The Field"). The tune was first played by the Tennessee marching band during the 1972 football game against Alabama and they haven't stopped since.