Fast & Furious Monday Morning Observations

Twenty-five thoughts and takeaways from South Carolina's 27-24 loss to Tennessee:

1. That wasn't the most heartbreaking loss in Gamecock football history, but considering the situation, it has to be up there.

2. Perry Orth is a gamer. Career-high three touchdowns, all in the third quarter, and nearly brought the Gamecocks back. I've searched back to at least 2009 and can't find another Gamecock QB who has thrown three TDs in one quarter. 

3. Jonathan Walton at fullback is something that fans should expect to see more of. Walton hauled in a touchdown reception and his physicality is perfect for the position. 

4. I know passion and energy don't win football games, but the Gamecocks have had plenty of both since Shawn Elliott took over. It's a shame that his team couldn't finish the deal Saturday.

5. I can't ever remember feeling like South Carolina was going to pull off a major comeback before Saturday night. I doubted the entire 2013 Mizzou game. Saturday, it actually felt like the Gamecocks were going to get it done.

6. Speaking of which, if Adams doesn't fumble, I 100 percent believe that South Carolina wins that game in either regulation or overtime. Road teams that rally from 17 points down in conference games are typically meant to win. 

7. In the second half, Tennessee was 6-for-9 on third-down conversions through the air and all of them were 6 yards or longer. That can't happen. 

8. Still would love to see South Carolina run the ball just once on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-and-goal. 

9. The "Jekyll & Hyde" nature of the Gamecock defense is probably the biggest mystery in a season full of them.

10. A small minority of people seem to be genuinely upset with Shawn Elliott over the past two weekends and I have zero clue why. 

11. Ten different Gamecocks caught a pass on Saturday. Kudos to Orth for not forcing balls to Pharoh Cooper. 

12. Obligatory "Sean Kelly is a monster" observation

13. Whoever is in charge of South Carolina's defensive second-half adjustments may be the greatest mind in college football. However, that person is clearly not working during the first half.

14. Seven minutes into that game, I thought the Gamecocks might lose by 30. Again, know that moral victories mean nothing, but a blowout looked very possible in the first quarter. 

15. Love the decision to go for it on fourth-and-4 in the second quarter. Don't love halfback dive there. 

16. Saturday was the first time I've ever seen a team jump offsides on a punt. 

17. A win over Florida probably isn't likely, but it looks much less daunting after watching the Gators against Vanderbilt. 

18. If anyone is still talking about bowl eligibility and South Carolina, I would highly suggest that they stop. 

19. Completely off-topic, but Leonard Fournette's jersey auction raised $101,000 for flood relief. He had a tough night on Saturday, but Fournette is a top-notch guy. 

20. Gamecocks deserve good crowds in their final three home games. Team could have packed it in and they've battled amidst a very tough situation.

21. Doubting we'll see much more of Lorenzo Nunez this season, barring an injury. 

22. South Carolina dropped approximately 17 interceptions on Saturday. That's the sort of thing that leads to three-point losses. 

23. Love the white jerseys on black pants, but South Carolina rarely wins in them. Last seen in 2010 vs. Kentucky. 

24. Thought all along that a 17-point spread was too high on Saturday.

25. No idea what to expect against Florida. Division already wrapped up and just escaped with a win against the Commodores. May all depend on if South Carolina can get up off the mat after Saturday night.