Fast & Furious Monday Morning Observations

Twenty-five thoughts and takeaways from South Carolina's 52-20 loss to Georgia:

1. Perry Orth wasn't as bad as his line indicated. Completed some nice passes in the first quarter and did what he was asked to do.

2. Lorenzo Nunez can make plays with his legs if given the chance. His ability to run the option helped South Carolina trim a 17-3 deficit to 17-10 in the first half.

3. South Carolina's secondary, aside from the addition of Isaiah Johnson, has made no progress from last season. Bulldog receivers ran free all night, particularly on slant patterns, as Greyson Lambert set the NCAA record for completion percentage in a game. Only a handful of Georgia pass attempts were contested. 

4. Zack Bailey did a fine job in a tough spot. Replacing an injured Alan Knott, the freshman from Summerville who had never played center before in his life, came in and held up under pressure. As ugly as the 32-point loss was for South Carolina, it could have been even worse if Bailey had struggled. 

5. South Carolina's pass rush, which had looked better at times against North Carolina and Kentucky, was non-existent against the Bulldogs. Lambert got the ball out of his hands quickly, which made it difficult for the Gamecocks to get pressure on him. 

6. The Gamecocks can't go forward with one quarterback passing the ball and another running the ball. There needs to be a starter and a backup. 

7. The talent differential between the two teams was impossible to miss. The Gamecocks were outmanned at every single position on the field with the exception of maybe kicker and punter. That shouldn't be possible considering South Carolina beat Georgia in four of the last six contests.

8. After seeing how South Carolina was able to adjust defensively in the second half of the first two games of the season, I was expecting something similar against Georgia. While the Bulldogs certainly had more talent than the Tar Heels or the Wildcats, it did not appear that the Gamecocks did anything different in the final 30 minutes and Georgia continued to have its way on offense.

9. For as much as I disagree with Shon Carson's role as a kickoff returner, he had a couple of very impressive runbacks. South Carolina hasn't had a spark in the kickoff return game in years and it was nice to see him have success. 

10. However, the kicker brought him down twice. That shouldn't happen.

11. Deebo Samuel looked more comfortable Saturday night than he's looked all season. South Carolina desperately needs a No. 2 wide receiver to emerge and Samuel might finally be starting to put it all together. 

12. Elliott Fry will be remembered as one of, if not the, best kicker in Gamecock history. Showed off his leg with a 45-yarder and career-long 51-yarder that appeared to give South Carolina momentum heading into halftime. 

13. Also, when's the last time Steve Spurrier favored a 51-yard field goal over a shot downfield with seven seconds left in a half and a timeout in his pocket?

14. Spurrier looked borderline giddy after that made field goal.

15. Although the defense has certainly not been strong this season and was gashed on Saturday, Skai Moore isn't playing poorly. Tied a career-high with 12 stops and continues to be a very capable open field tackler. 

16. Really like the decision to get away from garnet-on-garnet and white-on-white uniforms this season. Monochromatic unis look good when you're winning, but look silly when you're losing. Not sure how to explain it. 

17. Down 17-3 with the ball, South Carolina opened a drive with three consecutive passing plays. Orth converted a third-and-10 to move the chains, but the decision to put the ball in the air three straight times after watching Georgia hammer the defense on a long drive was puzzling. 

18.  Losing the game was bad enough, but fighting amongst themselves and fighting with Georgia while down four scores was not a good look for the Gamecocks. Didn't do the program any favors with a display that had ESPN pulling the plug late in the fourth quarter. 

19. At some point on Saturday night, Ace Sanders, D.J. Swearinger, Grayson Greiner and Matt Price all expressed their disappointment with the Gamecock football program. Whether you agree with their thoughts or not, the fact that former stars are speaking up in negative ways is a very troubling sign. 

20. Georgia faced four third-down attempts in the game. Let's all take a moment to really try and wrap our minds around what it means to only face four third downs in a college football game. When Ole Miss beat Tennessee-Martin 69-3 in the opening week of the season, the Rebels attempted nine 3rd-down conversions. 

21. Feeling sorry for Pharoh Cooper. He had one catch for 6 yards as Matrick Belton was South Carolina's leading receiver. Even Jacob August had 10 receiving yards. Enjoy him now, this is his final season in Columbia.

22. 84 passing yards and less than 4.0 yards per attempt on the night for South Carolina. Anyone missing Dylan Thompson yet?

23. Believed the Gamecocks were a 5-7 team entering Saturday. After the manner in which they lost to the Bulldogs, I'm wondering if 4-8 is more likely. Had them beating Florida, but not so sure about that one at the moment.

24. Brad Nessler addressed the death of his close friend and his sorrow at not being at the funeral during the game in a very classy manner. Well done, Brad.

25. I don't know what the attendance number for next Saturday's noon kickoff against winless Central Florida will be at Williams-Brice, but I can't imagine it'll be pretty.